Swan Class


Welcome to Summer term.  We have started with a sunny day and I do hope we get a lot more of these! We are starting to ease measures across the country and I hope that means that we can do the things that  we love to do in Year 6. a

We are working on a dual topic this term  –  A science topic on Forces which will be taught in  the main by Mrs Cashmore and a geographic driver based on the county of Cheshire and comparing it with an area near the Alps in France.  Within these topics we will be looking at the art of Jackson Pollock and making a relief map of the alps. We are able to do music again this term so that means we will be able to do  some singing and studying different music styles .


In RE we are looking how Christianity is celebrated in different  parts of the world and  in PSHE we are looking at money – how it works – why we save and how bank accounts work.

In English we are studying Shackleton and his expedition . In maths we are starting the term with algebra but will also be covering shape – circles and word problems  and revising our basic mathematical skills.

Topic web final Summer