Swan Class

Spring 2


We are now on the real run up to SATS and although these are a snapshot of what a pupil can do on that day and of course do not give the whole picture of your achievements, in and out of the classroom, we are working hard to ensure that you are well prepared . However, it is not all gloom and doom. We are still working on our natural disasters topic and have already started work on studying volcanoes and considered how  the inhabitants of  Pompeii  may have felt knowing they were in peril from the mighty Mount Vesuvius.

In English we are working on our new book – well two actually, starting with ‘The ways of the Wolf’ a beautifully illustrated non- fiction text  —  we will be writing  a non fiction piece about wolves. We will also studying the WOlves in the Walls and writing a fictional piece – inspired by this, once again stunning book.

In maths we are looking at shape space and measure – but we are also revising other topics each week in class time and at SATS booster

We are also working hard on our spellings and managing to find time for music RE and PSHE  and sport on a Friday.



Jo Ferrari

Natural Disasters Year 6 topic


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