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24 September 2021

Awesome Art Week

We have had a busy week in Kingfisher and started Art Week off by exploring hues and tints to create abstract sunset silhouette pictures of Stone Henge. We continued our Stone Henge theme by creating clay sculptures and discussed what we thought Stone Henge could’ve possibly been built for. In English, we have continued our […]

24 September 2021

A wonderful week!

We’ve had another wonderful week in Robin class. We’ve been working really hard to say and write the letters i, n, p, g and o. We helped add the gingerbread men buttons by carefully counting and checking. During our topic lesson we had so much fun labelling the parts on our person that we made.

24 September 2021

Art Week – Swan Style

This week we have started on the 4 operations – addition, subtraction division and multiplication. we have started showing different representations of addition and multiplication and learned the language of maths to help us understand what the question is asking us. We have been busy in art week. learning how to blend watercolour and make […]

19 September 2021

William Morris – our featured artist

This week we have learned more about our featured artist – William Morris. We are already brilliant at recognising his style and today we started to create our own motifs to print. This week we have worked on our diary entries in our class text Rose Blanche. We have also started french this week with […]

18 September 2021

Stone Age Survivors and Starburst Rocks!

We’ve had a great week in Kingfisher Class. We have continued our work on The Bog Baby in English and next week, we will be using our learning so far to write our own stories about discovering an unusual creature. The children were amazed to see a bog baby that Miss Bugg had found during […]

17 September 2021

Wonderful letters

This week Robin class have been learning the sounds: m, a, s, d, t. They’ve worked really hard to say and write the new sounds. The class have also been enjoying sort objects into different groups.

17 September 2021

Bringing the past to life

Reliving the life of Henry Brown Another wonderful week in Skylark class; there have been lots to get through, but we have not let that stop us! The week kicked off with reading a diary entry written by Henry Brown. We analysed the text and begun to understand the emotions he was felling and how […]

10 September 2021

Settling in

What a fantastic first week in Robin class. The children have explored their new classroom, met their buddies and made new friends. We are so proud of how well the new reception children have settled into school life and how welcoming and helpful the year 1’s have been. Year 1 have made a fantastic start […]

10 September 2021

Super Start for Kingfisher!

We’ve had a brilliant start to the new school year in Kingfisher Class. We have finally discovered that the mystery creature leaving sticky, blue footprints in our classroom was ‘The Bog Baby’ – this is the text we are using in our English lessons, where we are learning to write a narrative. We enjoyed an […]