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Egyptian adventure continues

This week we have learned more about the Egyptians – We have learned how important the river Nile was to the Egyptians in terms of food, crops and evening building – using the mud to make bricks. We have also learned to ‘Walk like an Egyptian in our PE/dance lesson and learned about important artefacts […]


Week of amazing discoveries – Swan Class

Another week of amazing work by Swan Class. We have developed our descriptive writing, in preparation for a big write next week. The children are eager to use all the information they have learnt about Darwin’s trip on the HMS Beagle and about many of the wonderful islands he visited. We have researched an animal […]


Outdoor Learning

The children were so excited to use our new outdoor classroom this week, it looks amazing and the children have been helping to keep it tidy. They’ve loved the sand, water and loose parts station. The reception children have been looking at number bonds to 10 and working out missing numbers. In year 1 we’ve […]


Ripping it up

This week has seen us doing more art work. We have been inspired by Pam Carter’s sea scapes and our wonderful new artwork opposite the office to try something new. We used the paints we mixed together two weeks ago and ripped them up. Layering them on top of each other we created a wonderful […]


Busy, Busy, Busy!

We have have had a jam packed week in Skylark this week. Science experiments, blended learning, art projects and lots of reading! As our topic is all about rivers and coasts we have started off by learning the importance of the water cycle. To help the children learn this, they created their own water cycle […]


English? We read Hieroglyphics too.

So this week we’ve enjoyed reading week. We have shared our favourite book – read a whole book together and listened to a book. We have also read some Eyptian hieroglyphics and decoded what they mean! From this we wrote our own names. We also spent some time looking at habitats around the shcool – […]


Week 2 in Swan Class

Wow! What a first full week. The class have worked really hard at mastering fractions and decimals, but with their improving time tables knowledge, they have found it easier to convert from one to another. Every child in the class can now tell us all something about Charles Darwin. When he was born, where he […]


Reading Week

The children have loved looking at lots of different books this week and discussing which is their favourite book. It’s been very busy in our English lessons the children found a tent in the classroom on Monday surrounded by paper planes; they had to think about who the tent might belong to. The children found […]


New year and It’s already busy!

We sung and danced – calculated – read – listened – wrote – designed and played – What a week in Kingsfisher class! Welcome to 2022! We have met our new book Eygyptology – A lovey lift the flap journal detailing a mysterious story. We have worked on equal groups as we move towards multiplcation […]