Our Curriculum

A Typical School Day

Our school day starts at 8.45am (doors open at 8.40am) and finishes at 3pm.  Extra-curricular clubs are available from 3.00 – 4.00pm.

Because of Covid-19, we are currently operating staggered starts and ends to the day for the different bubbles in school: Infants, Lower KS2 and Upper KS2.

Registration and Start of the Day Activities
Phonics or Reading
Infant lunch
Junior lunch
Class Novel/Story time
End of the day/ Clubs
Clubs end (Sports 4.15)

Our Curriculum is more than just learning...

Helping all our children to fulfil their potential in every way is at the heart of the curriculum we offer.

We are proud to deliver creative and stimulating learning, which engages children of all backgrounds and abilities.
As a new academy, we are working hard to become a great place for children to learn.
Our success is based on an equal partnership between children, parents and the school.
Learning at Weaverham is broad and balanced and fulfils all National Curriculum requirements.
Teaching is structured to allow for as many creative opportunities as possible.
Children enjoy curriculum-related days out, are taught phonics and reading on a daily basis.

This year we are working closely with the Maths Hub to develop our teaching in maths and we are working with the English Hub to help us further improve our teaching of phonics and early reading.

Throughout our work, we make links with the British values where we can.

Curriculum Ethos

Learning takes place in a variety of single year and mixed age classes depending on numbers. Our children are encouraged to work in partnership with their teacher.
In addition to building pupils’ academic knowledge, we focus on a wide range of practical skills, which enable them to become skilled independent learners.

Each term we publish a curriculum outline which explains what each class will be learning.
Should you have any questions about this, please contact your child’s teacher. Further details are on the homepage of each class.

Ethos and Values

Inspire, Nurture, Flourish

At Weaverham Primary Academy, we aim to inspire every child to develop a love of learning.

We nurture every child, enabling them to flourish and achieve their very best.

Our vision puts children first. When children enjoy all aspects of school and are enthusiastic, independent learners they gain the most from their education.

Curriculum policy

British Values Statement

Weaverham Curriculum plan all 19-20.doc