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Reliving the life of Henry Brown

Another wonderful week in Skylark class; there have been lots to get through, but we have not let that stop us! The week kicked off with reading a diary entry written by Henry Brown. We analysed the text and begun to understand the emotions he was felling and how we could use these skills when writing our own diary entries. As a class we empathised with him and begun to understand how hard it must have been to write. As the week went on, we began to act out parts of his diary entry to express the emotions he was showing in the text.

As the week continued, we were very happy to see returning faces coming in to teach us. Mrs Capewell for French on Tuesday where we recapped our French greetings and colours and Miss Burch for PE on Wednesday where we improved our skills playing invasion games and working as a team. It was lovely to have Mrs. Capewell back in the classroom again.

The learners of the week have been chosen and we even have an over and above award to be given out. Unfortunately, there is no celebration assembly this week so they shall be given out in the coming weeks.

Our first full week as Skylark Class has been wonderful. Everyone loves our new classroom and we can not wait to make it our own with displays of our work on the wall. We have been reading ‘Henry’s freedom box’ and learning all about Henry’s life. In maths we have been rounding numbers to the nearest 100 and 1000 and in music we have be listening, and singing along to ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel Air’. This week has also been the start of our science and history topics. The class are enjoying reading ‘Friend or Foe’ and they cannot wait to make their games in science using electrical components in the next few weeks.

We have also been lucky enough to start our weekly PE lessons with Miss Birch from Rudheath Academy. This is something we will be doing throughout the year as well as PE lessons with Mr Marland and swimming lessons later in the term.

Chromebooks out in the classroom for coding.
Taking a step inside Henry’s Freedom Box

This week Swan Class have been learning all about London.  As part of this project we have been doing some artwork where we have used a mixture of materials  that include: water colour paints, matchsticks and spaghetti and cardboard boxes.  This is some of our work so far, can you guess what these famous landmarks are?


This week was Year 2’s last day before they break up for summer. It was also my last day with the children before I leave to teach at Oak View Academy in September. They have been the most amazing class to teach and I am so proud of all of the children and the things they have achieved this year. On Wednesday we had our very own Year 2 Sports Day and the children had so much fun racing against each other. We also had a game of foot golf on the field. Today, the children opened their time capsules that they made on their very first day of Year 2. It’s safe to say that they have all grown and matured throughout the year – and their writing has definitely improved! It has been a pleasure to teach Goldfinch class this year and I wish them all the best.

It has been absolutely fantastic to see Year 4 back at school again, it has been a while.  All the happy faces on Monday morning was great to see.  We have been doing a variety of activities this week besides the usual Maths and English, that include: Cricket, Yoga and Origami. 

Goldfinch class have had a wonderful first week back. I am so impressed with the way they have settled in to the school routine and it has been lovely to see them all again. We have done lots of fun activities this week, including making a rainbow turtle. Have a look at the photos to see the children’s amazing work…

This week in our topic work we have been continuing to learn about the Vikings and their way of life.

We have been studying the Viking laws and comparing them to ours.   Also, we have been looking at Viking coins and designing our own.

Over the past few weeks, Goldfinch class have be learning about the story Rosie Revere Engineer and have written their own invention narratives. They have blown me away with their invention stories and how creative they have been. I am so impressed and proud of their English work and how hard they have tried at home. Here are some of their invention stories…

As we come to the end of another week, it has been great to see so many of you keeping busy and sharing what you have been doing.

The food that you have been making and growing looks delicious and it looks like that you have been learning some new skills outside of the classroom environment.

The plants that you have been growing are thriving and will probably grow even bigger with the care and attention that they have been ecieving.



This week in our home learning we have been making models of a Viking’s home and exploring the similarities and differences our homes and theirs.  We have also been making models of a Vikin’s home and exploring the role of the family members.