Northwich Road, Weaverham, Northwich CW8 3BD

Huge Enthusiasm for Our Local Area

It’s been such an action-packed week, this week, with work, rehearsals and visitors.

Year 5 throughly enjoyed their visit from Mrs Eaton, from The Grange. She taught them about our local area and in particular, Northwich. The children were enthusiastic and very knowledgable too.

In Maths, we have finished decimals and are now moving onto percentages. In English, we have begun to plan and write our survival narrative.

We have Sports Day next week, in the afternoon on Wednesday 30th- unfortunately, we cannot invite visitors.

Well done to our Learners of the Week. Have a good weekend.

Mrs Price and Mrs Capewell






This week, we have continued to master decimals as well as focus on the formal methods of addition subtraction, multiplication and division in Catch-up Maths.

In Reading, the children are mesmerised by Cirque du Freak, our class reader, as well as enjoying our new topic of Space.

For English, we have finished analysing the model text and working on our sentence structure. Next week we will be planning and writing our Survival Narrative.

Due to a change in guidelines, we couldn’t visit The Grange, but we we lucky that Mr Ellum still came to visit us. We had a fantastic lesson , making music using our bodies.

Well done to our Learners of the Week, this week.

Enjoy the weekend, Mrs Price and Mrs Capewell.

Welcome to the final half term!

It has been brilliant, this week, to see the children seamlessly begin the week, in a completely new classroom.

We have begun our fantastic new book – The Lost book of Adventure. A book, written by an unknown adventurer. I was impressed by the knowledge the children already have about adventures and Swiss Army knives.

Following on from fractions, we are now rediscovering decimals using many manipulatives to help. We have continued to master our basic skills, each afternoon and will continued to do so.

Our Peter Pan performance is looking good. We hope that we can invite parents in, in small groups to watch.

Based on our book, the children tried their hands at some art work and also got to grips with some first aid too. Well done to the children who received a certificate this week.

Enjoy the sunny weekend,

Mrs Price and Mrs Capewell


It’s been a busy yet fantastic half term. It’s been action-packed and as always the children have taken on every challenge we have set.

Today we finished mastering fractions and writing our fantastic dilemma narratives. We will move onto decimals and percentages as well as writing a survival narrative and guide after half term.

We have lots to look forward to: trips booked to The Grange on 16th June for a Music workshop and on 23rd June, a workshop on Our Local Area, Sports Day and our fantastic Peter Pan performance.

Enjoy the half term break,

Mrs Price and Mrs Capewell


It’s been a fantastic week in Skylark Class. We were completely blown away by the amount of children who brought in and shared their favourite books each day. My favourite part, was when the children cheered as I brought in our new class reader. Many children said that Skellig had been their favourite book, so now we are reading Cirque du Freak by Darren Shan.

The Gardening Club had a a huge treat this week, they collected the rhubarb from the school garden and cooked it with apples to make an apple and rhubarb crumble for the whole school. Taster pots were also given out and every crumb was eaten.

We have continued with fractions and writing, working towards our dilemma narrative. Both will be finished next week ready for half term.

Well done to both of our Learners of the Week. Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Price and Mrs Capewell






Since we returned after lockdown we’ve been covering Catch-up lessons for an hour each afternoon as well as all the rest of the curriculum too! Initially we focussed on tables, reading and vocabulary and as we’ve really improved,  we are now focussing on Maths using the reteach, consolidate and challenge approach.

This week has gone really well. The children have tackled difficult fraction reasoning questions through the use of a board game. Then they devised their own. Anyone needing a bit more support has worked in a small group to ensure that they understand the concept.

Apart from catch-up we’ve measured items using a Newton meter, researched our own Hindu Gods and have begun to learn new songs for our Peter Pan performance.

Well done to our Learners of the Week too!

Enjoy the weekend, Mrs Price and Mrs Capewell


It’s been a short yet busy week! We’ve packed in comparing and ordering fractions, writing using figurative language, Science recapping magnets and even packed in a  rugby session from Winnington ladies.

Well done to our Learners of the Week.

Enjoy the weekend, Mrs Price and Mrs Capewell.


We ended the week, by completing ‘the daily mile’ before lunch. The children enjoyed it so much, they asked if they could do it every day!

This week, we have continued comparing and ordering fractions; we have described monsters linked to King King using the most fantastic verbs and we have finished our final session of Forest Schools.

Well done to the children who received Learner of the Week and Head of School Award.Enjoy the long weekend.

Mrs Price & Mrs Capewell

Welcome to the Summer Term!

It’s been a fantastic sunny first week back. We have enjoyed getting outside for PE and Forest Schools and into the canteen for a hands-on RE lesson. Next week is our last session of Forest Schools. The children have worked brilliantly as a team and have thoroughly enjoyed the experience. We hope to be able to continue these sessions, again next year.

In English, we began our new story – King Kong, starting with the reveal, then making predictions, ordering events and learning some new adventurous vocabulary too.

For Maths, we are continuing fractions, ending the week on equivalent fractions, before moving onto comparing and ordering fractions next week.

As restrictions ease, we are glad to be able to offer clubs again, from next week and hope to be able to take part in a few visits as part of our topic on the local area.

Well done to the children who received a certificate this week.

Enjoy the weekend,

Mrs Price & Mrs Capewell


What a short yet action-packed week! We’ve completed our Cliffhanger narratives, mastered short division and short multiplication and have recorded our Learning Showcase. Please access Google Classroom to see your child.

Well done to the children who received certificates last week and this week.

Mrs Capewell and I have been very impressed with every child this term, both learning at home and in school. Enjoy the Easter break and the freedom of mixing with one other household.

Mrs Price and Mrs Capewell