Northwich Road, Weaverham, Northwich CW8 3BD
19 September 2021

William Morris – our featured artist

This week we have learned more about our featured artist – William Morris. We are already brilliant at recognising his style and today we started to create our own motifs to print. This week we have worked on our diary entries in our class text Rose Blanche. We have also started french this week with […]

10 September 2021

Seven Swans a Swimming

….well actually twenty four! What a busy start to the term! We have really hit the ground running – gardening and swimming, PE and of course English and our new Maths scheme – Power Maths – we have learned about William Morris ( our focus artist this half term) and started learning about the life […]

03 July 2021

Peter Pan practises in full swing

We did our first dress rehearsal performance this Friday. A busy week as always in Swan class. We held our sports day on a beautiful morning – which was excellent – showing our running, jumping and throwing skills. We have worked on problem solving this week in maths  and in English we have started our wild life […]

26 June 2021

Team work

We have been rehearsing hard for the show this week and  it is finally coming together. I  am so impressed with the way everyone has learned their lines and worked on the songs. We have still been working on our maths and English – Maths we have worked on graphs and charts  and in English […]

18 June 2021

Sensational sleepover!

…so it was. We had two days of fun – the sun shone – we laughed, we challenged ourselves and we climbed, zipped and showed amazing teamwork. We played rounders, made pizza. Slept….. yes we slept. We made popcorn on an open fire. We played games and swung on a tyre swing. Sung songs and […]

12 June 2021

High school calling!

We have had a busy week as always in Swan class. we have really worked hard on practicing the play – check our picture picture to see if you know what it is we are rehearsing for! We have enjoyed the first week of the final term in Year 6 which culminated  in a visit […]

22 May 2021

Egg drop challenge cracks us up

This week, in science we have been continue to learn about forces acting upon objects. Using eggs we had to design a protection and parachute to avoid them being broken when they were dropped from the top of the stairs. Some were more successful than others creating air resistance to mitigate the effect of gravity […]

15 May 2021

Singing again!

Wow! It was great this week to hear singing in school. Our year 5 and 6 bubble started practicing the end of the year show “Peter Pan” this week. Having a read through and sing along. We have also continued learning about the work of local artist and sculpture Andy Goldsworthy and we created some […]

07 May 2021

Peter Pan and super sleepovers

Well we have done it! We have planned a Swan sensational sleepover – with two days either side full of exciting activities. I am really pleased that we have managed to plan this for Swan class and I know everyone is really excited . Speaking of excitement .. when I thought the class couldn’t get […]