Northwich Road, Weaverham, Northwich CW8 3BD
10 September 2021

Settling in

What a fantastic first week in Robin class. The children have explored their new classroom, met their buddies and made new friends. We are so proud of how well the new reception children have settled into school life and how welcoming and helpful the year 1’s have been. Year 1 have made a fantastic start […]

29 May 2021

Let’s hope the sun brings sunflowers

So we have come to the end of the penultimate half term. We have, as always, been busy. We have been reading our new book ‘The Graveyard Story’ by Neil Gaiman. It is such a well written book by a brilliant author – we are all loving it. We have been learning about how Christianity […]

02 February 2020

Busy, busy week!

We’ve had a brilliant week in Kingfisher. We have been singing, writing, comparing maps and even had a letter delivered to school, believed to be from Jemmy Button nearly 200 years ago! Quick note- please make sure PE kits are in every Wednesday and Thursday.   Thank you,   Mr.M

26 January 2020

Magma and volcanic rock

This week we have been looking at what makes up the inside of a volcano and studied where volcanoes are found around the world. We even had a feel of volcanic rock from Mount Etna. The pupils made their own mini volcanoes so they could see how the magma went through and out of the […]

01 December 2019

History week – Canopic Jars

We have been focusing on the Ancients Egyptians – most particularly – who were the most significant Pharaohs. When they lived and what they might be remembered from the last Pharaoh – Cleopatra, Ramases II, of course the most famous Pharaoh Tutankhamen. We have also started planning and making our own canopic jars ( jars […]

22 November 2019

Star in the Jar

This half term in Robin Class, our English is focusing on the book ‘Star in the Jar’. In the story, the stars send a message to the boy to ask him to help a lost star to get home. The children have been writing their own messages out of stars.

27 September 2019

Amazing Artist

We have almost  completed our rainforest pictures and  they are looking fantastic. Adding the animals and birds after constructing the background was particularly effective.   In science we have also been working on our understanding of adaptation – using foxes as our example – different habitat meant different features.     This week we have started […]

24 June 2019

French Week

Next week we are on our Year 6 residential to Robinwood. Make sure you have everything on the packing list and make sure that you pack old clothes. I will be sending a final letter to give you all some last minute information -so look out for that! This week we have french week. We […]

10 May 2019

What do you know about the planets?

In Year 5 we have been learning about the planets in our Solar System.  We have ordered them in distance from the Sun, learned about their orbits and what the planets are made of.  We have also been looking at different moons and exploring how night and day occur.