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Cheesy table football !

I know this is the last post will write for this year’s Swan class and I hope that we have ended the term on a high. Our party was so much fun – forfeits and fun and a cheesy table football game we laughed and ate so much! The last day we did a quiz […]


Victorian Christmas a Shadowy time

This week we have watched Scrooge meet his ghosts and considered the atmosphere that Charles Dickens was trying to convey with his language choices We have played the games that Victorian children played in our drama lessons and acted the parts of the rich and the poor. In science we have been measuring shadows as […]


Up Periscope

Although we have had our usual busy week in Swan class – we have managed to consider our health – by determining what makes a healthy diet and which foods to enjoy in moderation – Of course just before Christmas means we will probably over indulge but we do know what we should choose and […]


Live from the Jungle

This week we have been busy in English, beginning to write our own story based on Grandad’s Island. There have been so many amazing, creative ideas, I can’t wait to read the finished stories next week. I am also really proud of how well many of the children are progressing with their writing skills and […]


Fly me to the moon

What a week we have had in Skylark. This week we have continued our incredible work on space. The children have written setting descriptions of the moon in English using ideas from our book ‘Where Once We Stood’ and our exemplar text ‘Lunar Report’. In science we have learned all about the phases of the […]


Tripping the ‘light’ fantastic

This week it has been ‘enlightening’ for all . We have worked on fractions and spent the end of the week consolodating our learning by creating ‘learning posters’ or a how to do it guide to simplifying, adding, ordering and subtraction of fractions. We studied light refraction in science this week and discussed how things […]


Flashbacks and flashing lights

We have been working on our understanding of a flashback novel this week. – using the brilliant book – A Story Like the Wind! It is such a complex tale with an amazing thread that runs through it that the children are really enjoying it and have written some detailed setting descriptions of stormy sea. […]


Music and laughter

This week we have started our half term with music week. This allowed us to listen to music in class – hear a musician play his instruments and make our own tambourines. We have enjoyed designing and making our instruments – which involved sewing our bells onto the edges of our ‘plate tambourine’ which resulted […]


A great start

We’ve had a great start to our half term, the children have enjoyed discovering what our new book is, the tuff tray was all set up and the children gave lots of wonderful ideas. Our new book is the ‘storm whale’ by Benji Davies.The children continued their swimming lessons this week and PE lessons.For music […]