Northwich Road, Weaverham, Northwich CW8 3BD

Peter Pan practises in full swing

We did our first dress rehearsal performance this Friday. A busy week as always in Swan class. We held our sports day on a beautiful morning – which was excellent – showing our running, jumping and throwing skills.

We have worked on problem solving this week in maths  and in English we have started our wild life documentary work.

Well done to all those performing in our end of the year production – I’m super proud of you all.

This week has been a very busy week for Goldfinch Class. The week started off with Sports Day where we all had such fantastic fun. The whole class tried their best and 1st 2nd and 3rd places were handed out to the worthy winners.  Well done to all who took part.

In English this week we have been using Rosie Revere to inspire us to make our own inventions. The class have created: fast as a flash running shoes, terrific tele-porters, flying machines and many more.  We will be sending these to Rosie Revere to see if she wants to add them to her collection of creations.

In maths, we have been learning to split shapes up equally into fractions, how fractions can be added if they have the same denominator and how many parts make a whole.

We have been rehearsing hard for the show this week and  it is finally coming together. I  am so impressed with the way everyone has learned their lines and worked on the songs.

We have still been working on our maths and English – Maths we have worked on graphs and charts  and in English we have continued to work on our Ways of the wolf.  Examining the language used by the author.

We have also worked on our still life paintings and examined perspective – making sure objects are the right time.

We have started to look back at the year we have had together and how we have grown as a team. In fact the class have been complemented on how supported they are of each other ; illustrated by our pic this week. Trust and support of each other. Well done Swan class!

This week sees the end to Mr. Silva’s placement in Goldfinch class.  Since he has been with us he has taught the class about lots of wonderful topics from Nairobi and plants, to fractions and fronted adverbials.  He will be missed but we wish him the very best of luck as he starts his teaching career.

On Thursday, the class joined Robin Class to go on a walk around the village looking for scarecrows. When we arrived back, we wrote a quick recount about the walk and were able to discuss which were our favourite scarecrows.  It was great fun to get out in to the village and take an active part in the community.






Another great week in Goldfinch class. This week we have studied the properties of 3D shapes, written diary entries based on Frankie Flapper’s inventions and discovered the 7 continents. We have also been busy practising for sports day.


Next week we will be putting our map reading to the test on a scarecrow hint around Weaverham.

…so it was. We had two days of fun – the sun shone – we laughed, we challenged ourselves and we climbed, zipped and showed amazing teamwork. We played rounders, made pizza. Slept….. yes we slept. We made popcorn on an open fire. We played games and swung on a tyre swing. Sung songs and had pillow fights….. what an amazing time with an amazing class!

We have had a busy week as always in Swan class. we have really worked hard on practicing the play – check our picture picture to see if you know what it is we are rehearsing for!

We have enjoyed the first week of the final term in Year 6 which culminated  in a visit from Mr Norton – head of Year 7- Everyone had some questions  but I think everyone is really looking forward to meeting new friends.

We have worked on co ordinates this week in maths and have created some shapes in 4 quadrants using negative numbers.

In English we have written a first person narrative – planning in groups and then writing the story as if they were Alma

we have continued to work on our flying! I wonder why?

So we have come to the end of the penultimate half term. We have, as always, been busy. We have been reading our new book ‘The Graveyard Story’ by Neil Gaiman. It is such a well written book by a brilliant author – we are all loving it. We have been learning about how Christianity is celebrated in different countries around the world and have shared our findings. In PE we have been using Peter pan as inspiration fro Peter Pan yoga! Where do we get our ideas from?















We have all planted our sunflower seeds and I hope that they will benefit from the sunny weather we are hoping to have over half term.

Goldfinch have had a brilliant end to the half term. Lots of great activities in the classroom, playground and of course forest school too.

We had another visitor in class this week, Emma! Emma came in to show us how we can cook with plants.  The class tried a wide range of herbs and vegetables.  We even got the chance to chop and cook them too. It really was a great end to our science topic.

Writing narratives is now complete and we look forward to a new book next term.  We have also said goodbye to multiplication and division, although we will still be practising on TT rockstars to make sure we stay fluent with our times tables. Next term we will begin by focussing on 2D & 3D shapes.   Athletics will no longer be the focus in PE, instead, we will be focussing on games throughout the last term.  In Geography, we will be learning about rivers, oceans and sees.

Learner of the week as well as an over and above award have been handed out to worthy winners.  We hope you all have a great half term and we look forward to seeing you back for the last 6 weeks of the year.



This week, in science we have been continue to learn about forces acting upon objects. Using eggs we had to design a protection and parachute to avoid them being broken when they were dropped from the top of the stairs. Some were more successful than others creating air resistance to mitigate the effect of gravity on the eggs.

We have continued to write about Shackleton’s adventure in the Antarctic. This week we have written a newspaper report giving factual report about the expedition .

In maths, we have learned about angles around a fixed point and on a straight line. looking at triangles and circles.

We also really enjoyed reading week. Our World cup of books resulted in a two wolf final. The classic novel The Wolves of Willoughby Chase beating The Eye of the Wolf in the final. Super exciting for us all.