Northwich Road, Weaverham, Northwich CW8 3BD

All wound up

Our class novel is Philip Pullman’s gothic story ‘Clockwork’ or All wound up… It is brilliant and we are all enjoying the suspense created. The theme of winding up has continues with our unwinding in gymnastics lesson where we are learning to put together jumps, rolls and balances in a sequence.
We have been also getting a bit wound up by all the different methods we have learned in maths with our long division. The methods we have used allow us to be more efficient in our calculations rather than plump for one model for each question…. nevertheless it has been quite a challenge.
We have started singing in class this week – learning the famous rap song ‘ The Fresh Prince’. We will be learning the notes of some of the main tune and playing them on our instruments.
In art we have been working on digital repeated patterns using a new app called Repper .