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Balloon debate brings negotiation skills to the fore

This week, Swan class have been busy. We have been working on our preparation work for our final duel narrative.  Finding the ‘voice’ of the characters  and examining the model text and writers hints to get into the mind of an author.

We have almost finished our class novel ‘ Journey to the River Sea’ A novel by Eva Ibbotsen. The ending did not disappoint.

Our topic of the Egyptians focused on the pyramids – who built them when and why they were built. We then started to consider the process of mumification.

As part of our PSHE we looked at items we would take if the word ended and we survived. We then had to split up and negotiate to keep our chosen items. Consensuses were reached in 3 out of 4 items .







Then we had to work to decide (democratically)  on the final item. Interestingly all the groups agreed on only one thing – food and drink for enough for the survivors! A relief really.