Northwich Road, Weaverham, Northwich CW8 3BD

Egg drop challenge cracks us up

This week, in science we have been continue to learn about forces acting upon objects. Using eggs we had to design a protection and parachute to avoid them being broken when they were dropped from the top of the stairs. Some were more successful than others creating air resistance to mitigate the effect of gravity on the eggs.

We have continued to write about Shackleton’s adventure in the Antarctic. This week we have written a newspaper report giving factual report about the expedition .

In maths, we have learned about angles around a fixed point and on a straight line. looking at triangles and circles.

We also really enjoyed reading week. Our World cup of books resulted in a two wolf final. The classic novel The Wolves of Willoughby Chase beating The Eye of the Wolf in the final. Super exciting for us all.