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Going for Gold – Benin Art

We have finished yet another book this week. I love how enthralled everyone is when we get really into our books. We have finished Skysteppers the prequel of Rooftoppers and are racing through Skellig after we devoured Millions –
In RE this week we have considered what it means to be human – examining the thinking of influential people from the past. From Socrates to Confucius, George Elliot and of course Darwin . ALl of these people believed that living a good live – being brave, honest and using reciprocity as a way to live did not rely on the existence of God or Gods. We all agreed that whether we believe in God or not the rules that these thinkers discussed were what makes us human.

In our study of the Benin culture we completed our gold tiles showing the images of the Gods that they worshipped. We decorated and aged them – I am sure you would agree they look amazing!

Congratulation to those who received their learner of the week certificates this week and the over and above for fantastic work this week