Northwich Road, Weaverham, Northwich CW8 3BD

Live from the Jungle

This week we have been busy in English, beginning to write our own story based on Grandad’s Island. There have been so many amazing, creative ideas, I can’t wait to read the finished stories next week. I am also really proud of how well many of the children are progressing with their writing skills and trying really hard to develop their handwriting.

We have been looking at fact families and related facts in Maths, extending our understanding of addition and subtraction. The children have picked this up quite quickly. We have figured out that if we can work in ones, we can work in tens or even hundreds!

We continued to learn about Sound in Science and I am so impressed with how many scientific facts the children can recall about Sound, and what we have learnt so far! They absolutely love this topic. For the last couple of weeks of term, we will be exploring Light and I’m pretty sure they are going to be just as enthused by this topic, too.

Christmas officially landed in our classroom this week and we enjoyed putting our little Christmas tree up, writing wish lists to Santa and listening to Michael Buble as he defrosted for the festive season! 🙂

We were really sad to say goodbye to Mrs Hulse on Tuesday. She has been a firm part of the furniture at Weaverham Primary for the last 14 years, but we would like to wish her all the very best as she embarks on her new ventures.

This afternoon, we have been learning about Rainforests and where they are located in relation to the equator. We worked in pairs to present weather reports, live from the jungle, as we learnt about typical rainforest climates. Check out our videos on the school Twitter page.

Have a fabulous weekend; I hope you are all getting into the Christmas spirit 🙂

See you next week.