Northwich Road, Weaverham, Northwich CW8 3BD

Music and laughter

This week we have started our half term with music week. This allowed us to listen to music in class – hear a musician play his instruments and make our own tambourines. We have enjoyed designing and making our instruments – which involved sewing our bells onto the edges of our ‘plate tambourine’ which resulted in a lot of laughter and luckily no injuries.

We have also started our new novel Journey to the River Sea a classic childen’s novel by Eva Ibbotson which fits nicely with our Victorians topic whcih we also started this week.

In maths we have worked on our mental maths skills and reasoning about numbers. We also carried on with our swimming lessons – with Janine and Amanda driving……. cue more laughter!

We ended the week with our pledges to the planet – we have followed the issues covered in COP26 this week and wrote our pledges for the future and also what we wanted from the world leaders