Northwich Road, Weaverham, Northwich CW8 3BD

On the home stretch!

Welcome to the final half term!

It has been brilliant, this week, to see the children seamlessly begin the week, in a completely new classroom.

We have begun our fantastic new book – The Lost book of Adventure. A book, written by an unknown adventurer. I was impressed by the knowledge the children already have about adventures and Swiss Army knives.

Following on from fractions, we are now rediscovering decimals using many manipulatives to help. We have continued to master our basic skills, each afternoon and will continued to do so.

Our Peter Pan performance is looking good. We hope that we can invite parents in, in small groups to watch.

Based on our book, the children tried their hands at some art work and also got to grips with some first aid too. Well done to the children who received a certificate this week.

Enjoy the sunny weekend,

Mrs Price and Mrs Capewell