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Spring Term Newsletter

Termly newsletter

Welcome to the spring term – The time for change and growth. We have a new topic this term – The Rockies. This gives us the opportunity to learn about mountain ranges and rocks, rivers and lakes. We are going to learn where the Rockies are and focus most particularly on Canada – land of forests and lakes, mountains and Mounties. We will look at the animals and birds who make the Rocky mountains their home and flowers and trees that grow there.We will also be painting landscapes using perspective.

In science we will be looking at materials –solids liquids gases and changing state. How materials react when warmed or cooled.

In music we are looking at ‘I’ll be there’ by the Jackson 5. We will be continue to learn new French Vocabulary and in SRE we will be looking at puberty and relationships.

We will continue to read a range of reading texts in preparation for SATs and work through our maths curriculum – improving our fluency .

Our class novels are ‘The Eye of the Wolf’ by Daniel Pennac and Michael Morpurgo’s ‘Butterfly Lion’. We will be writing a biography, a play script and a non-chronological report.