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Stone Age Survivors and Starburst Rocks!

We’ve had a great week in Kingfisher Class. We have continued our work on The Bog Baby in English and next week, we will be using our learning so far to write our own stories about discovering an unusual creature. The children were amazed to see a bog baby that Miss Bugg had found during her weekend adventures!

In Maths, we have continued our revision of number bonds and put this into practice with a ‘Code Breakers’ lesson where children had to work in teams to crack the locks on their treasure boxes. The children were encouraged to work systematically and worked brilliantly together.

In Science, we have continued to learn about rocks and this week, we learnt how sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous rocks are formed. We used Starburst sweets to show a visual representation of the processes and it was really hard not to eat them – they smelt delicious, especially when we melted them into magma!

The children stepped back to the Stone Age this week in History when we went out into the school grounds to see what natural objects we could find for survival. We were real life hunter-gatherers and the children came up with some great ideas as to what they could use the natural resources for – including feather beds, grass skirts and stick houses!

It was lovely to see Mrs Capewell return to WPA after her retirement in the summer. She will be teaching the children French every Tuesday morning. We also enjoyed a Gardening lesson with Mrs Price, designing our garden area. The children will partake in Gardening with Mrs Price every other week.

We absolutely loved our first swimming lesson too! The children were so excited and all did brilliantly. We are really lucky to have this as part of our Physical Education all year round.

Have a fabulous weekend in the sunshine! See you next week.

Hunter-gatherers in History
Startburst Rocks in Science
Meeting a Bog Baby