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Swan class – Working hard – still having fun

This week we have continued to receive some fantastic work from Swan class – The writing that some of the pupils have produced has been excellent everything from diary entries to imagining being a wolf – Its brilliant that the students are still reacting to feedback and improving their work.

We also enjoyed listening to the last few installments of our class novel ‘Clockwork’ by Phillip Pullman – each installment ending with a cliff hanger until the final part. Gauging by the messages from the class it was really well received!

I know it can be hard at home and i hope that our constant stream of chat is making you feel still part of our class . We have enjoyed looking at your photos and getting your jokes ( obviously not as funny as mine¬† .. ) but still….

There are plenty of activities on the class page and I hope you will engage with some of them РWe are always thinking of things you would enjoy but you too can have in put . If there is something you think we should do Рmessage us !