Northwich Road, Weaverham, Northwich CW8 3BD

Week 2 in Swan Class

Wow! What a first full week. The class have worked really hard at mastering fractions and decimals, but with their improving time tables knowledge, they have found it easier to convert from one to another.

Every child in the class can now tell us all something about Charles Darwin. When he was born, where he voyaged and of course what he discovered. We are getting pretty good at summarising lengthy pieces of text in to our own words.

In our computing lesson, a challenge has been set. By the end of the half term the children are going to produce a health and safety (theme of their choice) animated programme, using the coding they have learnt in Scratch. We have already could across problems in the coding but using the de-bugging skills, they are getting there.

Thank you to all the children who have completed extra work about our topics – it has been a pleasure to learn the extra facts you have brought in.